Coding with Drones

$600.00 $500.00

Course introduction:

Children will learn how to do Simple blocks coding with Drones

What can your child learn:
1)Learn how to operate the Drones with Simple programming blocks
2)The rules of flying Drones and taking Drones Photography/Video
3)Learn a few flying techniques by overcoming obstacles  
4)Have Fun while Coding with the excitement of being a flight controller 
Bonus: If your children are exceptionally good, they will be asked to participate in the yearly Drones competition organised by the Drones Odyssey Challenge 
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5 pax is the min requirement to start the course
*Laptop Required
Peak period:1.5 months 
(Drones will be distributed upon receiving the full payment)
Duration: 4 Sessions (1.5 hours per session)



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