Puppetry Story Telling

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Puppetry Story Telling

Course Introduction

The early years of life have an important role in children’s growth and development, and training during this period will play a pronounced role in their whole life. Behavioral problems that children showed at this age have been a growing concern for those involved in pediatric health.

Unleash your child’s imagination and communication barrier. Allows your child to use eco materials to design their own character with the help of parents. Parents will be able to understand the child’s inner feelings and thoughts. Each child will then share a story together with their parents.

What can your child gain?

  • Unleash their imagination
  • Focus
  • Enhance their fine motor skills
  • Break through communication barrier
  • Boost in confidence level.



5 pax to start a course

Waiting period: 3 months. Registration shall be refunded or transferable to another confirmed course

Duration: 3 hours per session



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